Spiritual direction offers professional, confidential companionship on the lifelong journey of your unfolding Spirit. It has been offered throughout the ages, across cultures and religious traditions as people naturally seek to share their spiritual experiences and aspirations. Spiritual directors are usually trained as clergy or teachers in major religious traditions.

Anyone may seek out spiritual direction, regardless of beliefs or non-beliefs. It is important to understand this is not a therapeutic relationship, but one where directees set their own goals and then invite the director to guide and companion them as they move toward greater insight, wisdom, and peace.

There are many possible benefits to spiritual direction. Some of them are the acquiring of new practices, resolving conflicts within the self or with others, healing religious-based woundedness, working through grief, forgiveness of self and/or another, the opening of the heart and the deepening of understanding. Everything shared in spiritual direction is confidential.

The directee decides how often we meet. It is common to meet monthly, but in some cases more frequent sessions are helpful. It is possible to schedule spiritual direction sessions on Zoom, by phone, or in person.

My fee is $75/hour.